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Know Number Free 2.0

– Giving kids to count/write/play with Number up to 10
– To get more numbers up to 20, and to 100 (by ten), purchase full feature.

New Features:
– Parental gate to prevent kids from accessing external links or app store.
– No more ads in the app ever. So 100% safe for Kids.
– Selectable number set, 10, 20 or 100. (full feature)

Play with Abacus

Now, you can use Abacus on our website. Under Know Abacus menu, open “Play With Abacus” submenu. You will see an Abacus on the center of the page. You may have to wait a bit on slow network about 1MB data download.

To see full screen abacus on your browser on desktop or tablets or mobile phones, click on top/right KnowAbacus icon.

This widget was developed using html5/cocos2d. Enjoy!